Abakomadi River In Kumasi destroys Abuakwa Canaan Bridge- Residents Stranded


Ghana is in the raining season and there is rainfall almost every single day in all parts of the country. Some residents in Abuakwa in the Kumasi are stranded as a river which passes through Abuakwa- Canaan has destroyed their main bridge.

The bridge is the only easy way to move from the Abuakwa Police station to Canaan and to Abakomadi all in Kumasi. Residents in the area need to find other means to cross the river to the other side. Vehicles need to take a very long route in order to get to the other side of the river. There are several nearby houses close by the river and most of the houses get flooded whenever it rains.

Residents in the area wants the the bridge fixed and also the lane of the river must be dug deep to over flooding.

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