Types of Kitchen Styles Ideas for Instant Inspiration

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Kitchen it’s the heart of a home for a reason. This is the place where your family gather at least once every day.

If you want to remodel your kitchen and you don’t have any idea on what you want, check out this list of the best kitchen styles and decor ideas for some instant inspiration.


Tranquil kitchen If you want a kitchen that is airly and refreshing, while having modern colors, crisp, and decor, then tranquil design is the best choice. The perfect colors to use in this kind of kitchen is light grey, creams, green, and blue. Using white color on your cabinets and countertops will make your kitchen stand out.


Modern farmhouse  kitchen The beauty about this kitchen, is the rule of incorporating new and old to bring that an authentic, yet new age farmhouse kitchen. This kitchen design uses both dark and light color for decoration.


Coastal kitchen This kind of kitchen design are meant to be light and airy just like tranquil kitchen. To bring that perfection in the kitchen ensure the colors are inviting like blue, creams, gold, and a hint of iridescent glow throughout the space.


Minimalist kitchen If you have a small kitchen then minimalist kitchen design is the best option. The best color to use is either black, white, or grey throughout the space. Built cabinets which will hide everything that is taking too much space.


Contemporary kitchen If you love light and dark colors such as grey, black ,or brown, contemporary kitchen design is you.


Rustic kitchen When your hear  wood and metals think about rustic kitchen. This kind of kitchen bring together comfort and roughness perfectly.


Industrial kitchen When it comes to industrial kitchen design think of metal. You will require to use metals to create anything you want for your decor. This kitchens are for creative people.

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