Opinion: How Paul Gicheru Is Partially Winning As One Witness Withdraws Against Him

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The hearing of Paul Gicheru's ICC case is set to begin on the 15th of February after a long period of investigation. As this happens, several witnesses had been sampled to be used as evidence in the hearing. However, to ensure their identity is hidden, the court had earlier on said that some will just present audio evidence without attending.

However, some are expected to arrive at the court. Among the witnesses expected is witness P-0743. According to the source, the witness has taken a U-turn refusing to attend the court proceedings. This has given ICC a very tough time since the witness has refused to cooperate with the court to help in reaching an appropriate judgment.

It is said that witness P-0743 is among the witnesses who were allegedly bribed by Paul Gicheru to cover up the case. The witness is said to have turned very hostile and the court might be forced into taking action against him.

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