Three Things Greater Accra Dede Has Over Sarfoa That Make Her Great Choice For 2021 GMB Crown

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The TV3 Ghana Most Beautiful is undoubtedly one of the most watched shows in Ghana and has gained a lot of grounds in the society these years. Gone were the days when people thought any beauty pageant shows are used to award ladies who are physically endowed with beauty.

But the TV3 Ghana Most Beautiful and the other beauty pageants have shown that physical beauty is least considered in choosing the winner.

This year's TV3 Ghana Most Beautiful is one of the toughest of all time with almost all the contestants having qualities it takes to win the crown.

Out of the 16 contestants that represented their various regions across the country, each came out with super unique characteristics that made them stand out. In fact, the eviction has been difficult because all the contestants are capable. However, the most bid contestants by many Ghanaians are Sarfoa of Ashanti Region and Dede of Greater Accra region.

Sarfoa has been great since the beginning of the competition.She has been the contestants the nation has capable for watching it. She has also won the various region's heart as well. Even though she has not been wining lots of awards, she gets nominations every week.This makes her a great candidate for the final list. She is bold, eloquent, beautiful and intelligent. She has been consistent too from week one.

However, even if she happens to make the final list with Greater Accra Dede, these three things will give Dede the upper hand to be crowned the queen over Sarfoa. Even though there's no doubt that Sarfoa is one of the most eloquent, creative and bold contestants in the competition, Dede also has her strengths.

1. Votes

We can mention all the good qualities of a contestant, but without votes, she will be evicted even before crossing to the next stage. If Dede gets a more support from family and friends through voting for her to stay in the competition, she has the chance of winning.

2. She is breaking the bounds:

Though her performances are not up to expectations, she's really trying. Dede is just an SHS graduate and most of her competitors are graduates or student of various tertiary institutions who in one way or the other have acquired good presentation skills during their stay in school. It's evident they all chew and pour just that most of them are used to it and they do it very well. With little improvement as time goes on, Dede will outshine her competitors like Sarfoa.

3. Natural Beauty: Even though we say natural beauty is not the main concern when it comes to Ghana Most Beautiful, it does count a lot. Most of these contestants only look better in make-up. But Dede is naturally very beautiful.She got these nice curves, good assent and extremely captivating smile. So by properly practising her presentation as often possible coupled with these God given features, she has the upper hand to be crowned.

According to you, who do you think has the highest chances of winning? Mind you that voting also count.

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