Hilarious Video: See What A Man Was Doing After Drinking Too Much Alcohol That Got People Laughing


This young gentleman has currently made my day as his action makes me laugh to stupor. The young man drank a lot of alcohol and displayed a behavior that got people laughing.

In a hilarious video that was posted online couple of minutes ago, a young man acted in a very funny way due to too much intake of alcohol.

In the video, the young man could be seen sitting in front of a table with many alcoholic drink bottles.

It appeared that the young man has taken quite a lot as he was seriously sleeping right on the chair he was sitting.

In the moment of his sleep, the young man nearly fell down but managed to woke up immediately. He couldn't even remember that he was putting on a cap which fell down as he struggles to regain his balance.

But immediately the man who woke up, he picked up a glass of drink and ingest again despite being over-drunk.

The impression on his face was so funny that he wanted to go back to his sleep again. 

He succeeded in going back to sleep, but this time, with his eyes wide open and his tongue outside, as if he was strangled.

His behaviour was so hilarious that people who watched the video also laugh about it.

Watch the funny behaviour of the over-drunk human here.

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