"This Is How Rigging Election Is Done, Not How You're Doing It" Ruto Ally Tells Deep State


Juja by election proved to be one of chaotic elections in the country. The presence of police officers in Large Numbers proved the anticipation of a possible violence in the area. Just after the voting process ended. Counting started smoothly but was suspended by IEBC for some hours after Kiambu governor Honerable Nyoro stormed the polling station with claims of rigging. Flanked by Kiambu woman representative, they claimed that some ballot boxes were thrown outside which allegedly belonged to the jubilee party candidate.

Well, UDA party ally and deputy president footsoldier Mr Denis has advised the deep state on how to rig Election. He has claimed that the best part of rigging election is doing it immediately after the polling station have been closed and not after everything has finalised.

"Dear Deep State and System, quick tip, when you want to RIG elections, do not start at the TOP. By the time we get to the Tallying Centre, RESULTS are already announced in ALL Polling Stations, Signed and posted on doors of all Streams! #HustlerNation has won Juja!" Posted Denis Itumbi.

Here are some reactions.

"Master please do a final compilation of all the poling stations and their respective votes so that we keep them on check." Posted Makori.

"People of juja will be in a rude shock tomorrow morning at the turn of events,there is not going to be a tallying center but rather a well arranged classroom with students in class" Posted David.

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