Great Words Of Prophecy From Pastor E. A. Adeboye

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During the RCCG July Special Holy Ghost Service dubbed "Perfect Blessing," Pastor E.A Adeboye, the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, prophesied abundantly into the members of his church. 7. God Bless You The people heard God's word through the man of God, and you can get yours here.

Claim this process is in faith from Pastor E.A Adeboye

The Almighty God declares that someone is listening to me tonight, and that at the end of the year, you will declare that if God does nothing else for me, I will worship Him eternally. In other words, He's promising that between now and the end of the year, He'll accomplish so many things that you'll say, "If He doesn't do anything more, I'll praise Him eternally."

He says there is someone here, every rat in your organization will be exposed and eliminated.

He says there is someone listening to me, He says I will open the Red Sea for you to pass through and then close it behind you permanently.

He says there is someone here, every cockroach in your family will leave on their own accord. When it begins to happen, you will know.

He says someone's faith has been badly shaken recently, He says I will give you a couple of miracles to re-establish your faith.

God asked me to tell someone, I have not and will not abandon you.

He says someone is listening to me, that you've realized your troubles are more than you thought, and that he wants me to tell you, "I am bigger than all your problems, and I will fix them all."

He claims that just as Peter slept and awoke to find his issues solved, so will your case.

There is someone here, he says, and if any prophet has foretold evil against you, return it to the sender.

Daddy wants me to reassure you that everything will be fine.

Source : Church Gist

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