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24 June 2022

Friday, a young man named @Yanga Co sent Twitter into a frenzy. He confirmed receipt of R500 by tweeting a screenshot of his bank statement.

He thanked his online friends for their birthday wishes in the post's caption. I appreciate @ChrisExcel102 buying me lunch on my bday. However, what shocked Yanga's tweeps was the size of her financial balance. The total amount in the bank was R759,723.89. This caused problems such as headaches and heart attacks in South Africa.

People were mystified as to how one person could amass such a big sum of money in a savings account. Achieving this level of financial success is difficult in today's society where many people are trying to make ends meet. They speculated that his investment portfolio must be considerably larger than his savings account because of this. Twitter users have started inquiring about receiving birthday cash. You should do it because they would value it.

Let us know what you think about this: should Yanga have published this SMS as proof of payment or not. He should have hidden his account balance and shown only the R500 that had been deposited. How about birthdays in general? Do you get any presents? Is it monetary or do you have physical items? Help us out by giving us your feedback on this.


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