Nobody Pays Tax or Voted to Elect Asantehene, So Why Do You Insult Him for Government Failure?


Twene Jonas, an American based Ghanaian who sings and rants on YouTube on matters concerning Ghana’s development. He rose to fame after he made a video of the States and the buildings were made with 80% glass. He made a comparative analysis of how the whites and better and wiser than the Blacks.

Recently, reacting to Galamsey matters in Ghana, he sent a strong and disrespectful message to Otumfour Asantehene- King of Asante Kingdom. According to Jonas, the King knows the chiefs who give out lands for people to do Galamsey. He herein rained insults on him for allowing such a situation to persist.

However, the people of Asante didn’t find that impressive. For nothing at all, you haven’t paid any tax to the King nor is the King in charge of permits that allow people to mine. Moreover, the King wasn’t voted into power by anyone to manage the affairs of Galamsey. He is only the custodian of the land as the constitution mandates.

So, it was wrong and naïve for Twene Jonas to insult such a man. A man that is doing a lot for Ghana but because he is not a politician, he doesn’t go around telling people. He gives scholarship to students and he is a pivotal stakeholder in the Kejetia market buildings. He recently built Bodukwan fruit factories with the help of the President’s flagship program- “One District One Factory.”

the Minerals Commission have the mandate to give out license to people to mine. The chiefs cannot withhold anybody from acquiring land. Besides, when people purchase lands, they are not under any obligation to inform you of their intention. And even if they do, the minerals Commission have the mandate to coordinate.

So, our current Galamsey problem is government failure, not chiefs. Twene Jonas is part of Ghana’s problems as he criticizes with no sense of intellect or recommendations. Just insults and joke. Did the USA develop with these two attitudes?