The U.S Secret Service Announces the Death of K-9 Ricky, A Dog that Serves in the Department.

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The United States Secret Service has come out to announced the death of k-9 Ricky. The Dog has served the state and deserves to be recognized.

No one will doubt the faithfulness of ordinary dogs not to talk of security dogs that are well trained and help a lot when it comes to security issues.

The United States Secret Service Announces the depart of K-9 Ricky on the Twitter page today Friday.

The U.S Secret Service explained the situation that led to it's death. The U.S secret service said that K-9 Ricky passed away after complications from surgery.

The U.S Secret Service said, "We are sad to report that the Secret Service has lost a team member".

The U.S Secret Service didn't just report the departure of K-9 with sadness but went ahead to recognized the great service he has rendered in the country.

U.S Secret Service said, "Thank you for your service Ricky, we have the watch from here"

U.S citizens and others have wished k-9 a RIP. See comments below.

If U.S Secret Service can value the life of a dog this much, imagine how much they will value the lives of their citizens.

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