Couple Goals Ndio Hizi. See Latest Photos Of Njugush And His Wife Wearing Matching Outfits.


Celestine Ndinda and Njugush are one of the top Celebrity couple Influencer in Kenya. The couple nare brand ambassadors of a vast number of businesses which include toilex Kenya, Safaricom, Bountiful Tours and many more. In fact Njugush has even won two awards last year for being the most influential digital Influencer on social media.

The lovely couple also write script and do comedy. Njugush has been a comedian for the longest time. Celestine revealed that she used to be a very shy person but with time she found her courage and confidence. Celestine has become a comedian through learning.

Recently Njugush and Celestine launched their own Fashion Line shop and the couple is really working both hard and smart to reach places. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. The couple has decided to share with their fans their latest photos serving fans with ideal couple goals. Njugush and Celestine are nowadays even matching their outfits to serve couple goals better. See some of their latest photos below.


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