Kudos New York; Senator Omanga Reacts After New York's Move To Abolish All Covid 19 Restrictions


Nominated Senator and a close ally of the Deputy President Dr. Wiliiam Ruto, honorable Millicent Omanga has congratulated New York for eliminating all covid 19 restrictions saying that that is what a government that cares for its citizens would do in the middle of a pandemic.

IMAGE COURTESY: Senator Millicent Omanga.

Penning her thoughts in a post on her Twitter account on Monday, in reacting to a newspaper headline about the abolition of all the covid 19 restrictions in New York, senator Omanga alleged that in whatever difficulty county is passing through, a government should attain herd immunity and open the country.

She further pointed out that locking down the country expecting a miracle to happen while doing nothing, will just hurt everyone.

"Every government that cares about its citizens must strive to innoculate the masses, attain herd immunity and open the country. Perpetually locking down the country and expecting a miracle while doing nothing will just hurt everyone. Kudos New York," Said Senator Millicent Omanga.

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