14 Things Women Want But Do Not Tell Men


What do women want? For anyone who has ever asked themselves this question, here are 19 secrets to a successful relationship. These 19 facts are the result of extensive research on happy couples and changed social roles.

1. A caring man is attractive

Women like it when a man shows his gentler side, especially when they are upset. Hug her and offer her a handkerchief. Attention is a good way to connect.

2. It is not obsolete to be a gentleman

When it comes to romance, women still like it when men have a traditional, masculine role. This is especially important at the beginning of a relationship. A woman is quite capable of bringing a chair or opening a door on her own, but if you notice that she hesitates, she may simply be waiting for you to be a gentleman.

3. Dress style

Styles change, but a man should always take care of how he dresses. It's important to women. You should decide what style a man likes and dress accordingly.


4. A man wearing red gets a girl

This is the conclusion of the psychological examination of the female subconscious. Namely, the color red makes men more powerful, attractive and sexy. However, the red color does not make men look more careful and finer. It's up to you.

5. Don’t hide your flaws

Nothing wins so much a woman's heart as a man who wants to be a better man. Women like personal development in men, they like when he is careful and sensitive. She loves when her man realizes his flaw, e.g. a stormy temperament or a bad mood after work - and he likes it when he tries to alleviate that flaw.

6. Don't try to fix her world

When something bothers her, she wants you to listen to her, not give her your advice. Men need to fix things and provide solutions. But for a woman, honest listening is a wonderful thing that strengthens a relationship.

7. Nodding is not enough

Listening is important, but she wants you to really hear her. Mechanical nodding just doesn't work. When she pauses, she actually gives you a signal to react sympathetically and carefully. If she tells you how upset she is because she has problems with her boss at work, she wants to hear from you: "I'm sorry that your job is hard and stressful." And remember, refrain from the need to offer solutions.

8. Imitation is a sign of love

There is a saying: "Imitation is the highest kind of flattery." A woman often shows how she feels about a man by adopting his mood and actions. Maybe they will order food you like or wear your favorite color. Mimicry is a way to relax you and let you know is that she is enchanted by you.

9. Your t-shirt can be a magnet for her

Does he like to wrap himself in your sweater or wear your T-shirt? According to some research, men's scent has a relaxing effect on women.

10. Notice and say

Women love when they are told to look beautiful and love when a man notices it himself. You will score with a woman if you tell her how attractive she looks in a new, sexy dress, especially if you mention the dress before she does. If she looks attractive, if she has a new hairstyle or she has adjusted her line, tell her.

11. Don't be afraid to talk about relationships

When a woman wants to talk to you about your relationship, it does not mean that you have done something wrong (at least not necessarily). Many women like to talk about the status of the relationship, what is right, what could be fixed or simply, what is happening. That's a good thing. Honest and open conversation, closer.

12. Make eye contact

You may like to sit next to each other, but women prefer that you face them, and that doesn't mean chatting with her on camera. Women like eye contact while talking. And eye contact during sex will deepen your relationship outside the bedroom as well.

13. Don’t miss a moment

How do you know she’s ready to decide? He will tell you. It’s something women are often open about. But they do not want to talk about that "topic" very often. If she has made up her mind and given you time, the next time the conversation starts, be ready to either perform or withdraw.

14. Romance is simple; always nurture it

Romance is something she will always want, whether you have been together for 2 months or 20 years. Flowers, an intimate dinner, a few verses, no worries, they don't have to be yours, it may all sound like a cliche, but women appreciate such gestures, and often show their gratitude when the lights go out.

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