Meet Former Machachari actor Bryan Kabugi, some of the movies he has acted and his amazing photos

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Bryan Kabugi. A powerful name of a young man taking the acting industry by storm. But what else can we do apart from being happy for him. At such a young age he has managed to create his own name in the entertainment industry. That is impressive if you ask me. Below are reasons why I say he is taking the acting industry by storm;

1. He has acted in his own created short movie called 'mid young crisis.' Check out the link to part of the movie below:

2. The young actor featured as Leo in the famous Kina series which air on Maisha Magic TV plus.

Check out the links below and see him on the set of the movie.

3.He ha also appeared as a lead actor in ' dream child's movie.

4. Lastly he is one of the actors in the recently premiered series on Maisha Magic TV plus called 'Salem' where he acts as Tito.Check out the link to the series below.

From the above evidences am sure you can now agree with me that he is indeed talented. Check out his photos away from the screens.

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