#JohnMahamaBuiltit: Man exposed big time for posting what John Mahama didn't do


The hashtag, John Mahama built it is becoming intensified as many twitter users have been retweeting making it number one on the microblogging site. It all started after a group of people believed to be from the camp of the National Democratic Congress tweeted the number of projects that were actualized during the tenure of office of former president Mahama. After the tweet, several other users joined by forwarding it countless times.

Supporters from the National Democratic Congress begun to post projects like Ridge hospital, Cape Coast stadium, several roads, among others. When those projects are tweeted, they will tag it with John Mahama built it. Since this is a partisan issue, there is no way everyone will agree to such posts. Some will side with it while others will oppose.

One social media user posted the Atuabo free ports and claimed it is John Mahama that built it. This was quick attacked by another user. Immediately he posted it, someone came under the post to reply that, it is never true because the Atuabo free ports was just on paper and has not been built. So why should they add to the achievements of former president Mahama.

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