Uproar As Video Emerge Of Thieves Doing This


Cases of theft has increased significantly in Nairobi. Stealing vehicle parts especially the side mirrors and catalytic converters has left car owners with losses and the question which still people are asking is when will this vice stop and who will stop it. In a video that has left many Kenyans enraged shows,two thieves on motorbikes stealing side mirrors of a parked car before finally making their escape using the motorbike. The theft which occured in broad daylight has sparked reactions from Kenyans.

Such stolen properties finds their way in the black market where they are sold to other car owners as second hand products. One Kenyan has recommended that people buying these second hand mirrors should also be treated as thieves for they are this vice as they know very well that they are buying stolen property. What do you think?

Click on the link below to watch this video.


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