Teachers from Kumasi Metro heads to court over massive Failure in the GES Promotion Exams


Ghana Education Service conducted aptitude test for teachers who applied for promotion into various ranks in the service, the promotion exams was written on 25th and 26th February, 2021 and results were released on May 2021. The aptitude test was conducted for teachers to be promoted to the following ranks, Principal Superintendent, Assistant Director I, Assistant Director II, Deputy Director and Director. Teachers who applied for the Deputy Director attended interview in addition to the aptitude test. 

The results of the promotion exams released on GES Promotion portal for teachers to check their results. In checking the promotion results, a candidate need to purchase electronic voucher code which can be used to access the portal for three consecutive times. The 2021 GES Promotion results saw a massive failure, the teachers who wrote the test to be promoted to Assistant Director (II) and Assistant Director (I) recorded high failure rate. 

The high failure rate was blamed on technical failure on the part of Ghana Education Service. The system was designed to generate a result of a candidate who produced the electronic voucher code and staff ID, the staff ID is a unique identitifier of teachers in the portal. The system run on loop to search for the results and display on the screen of the user. Three output were designed to display on the user's screen these are "Congratulations you were successful in the promotion exams, your promotion letter will be sent to your district office in due course" this output is displayed for teachers who passed the examination.

"You were not successful in the promotion exams, better luck next time", teachers who had this output on their screen failed in the promotion exams. They have to prepare for the next promotion. 

" Produce further documents for verification" these group of teachers had issues with their documents that were submitted in the application process, the system requested them to produce the required documents before their promotion results could be released. They went back to check on the portal after submitting the required documents, and their results turn to "not successful in the promotion exams" . 

The aggrieved teachers embarked on demonstration. Ghana Education Service directed that, the affected teachers should be allowed to re-write the promotion exams. 

Some aggrieved teachers from Kumasi metropolis have sued Ghana Education Service over the directives, demanding their marked scripts and results released to them.

By Nedved 

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