"We Will Build Spacious Houses With Flushing Toilets" Malema Sets Bar Very High

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Economic Freedom Fighters have set their bar very high as compared to other political parties by promising to build spacious houses which have flushing toilets for the people if they win the elections.

The red beret leader who recently unveiled two grandiose structures of the EFF which includes a multi-million headquarters in Tshwane named after ANC struggle stalwart Winnie Madikezela Mandela and a huge election bill board at the OR Tambo said his party is not being funded by anyone except it's own members.

Malema's EFF election manifesto can be summed up in very few words "Land and Jobs Manje" and they are promising to build many houses on the land and right the wrongs created by apartheid spatial planning which resulted in the poor living in houses that do not have flushing toilets inside, while some live in shacks with no proper sanitation.

Their plan for informal settlements is to rezone them into formal settlements which will be provided with water, electricity and sanitation.

"Every EFF municipality will build quality and spacious houses with flushing toilet for our people. We will also re-zone all informal settlements within its jurisdiction into formal settlements and provide them with water, electricity, and sanitation. #LandAndJobsManje," they said.

Source: https://twitter.com/EFFSouthAfrica/status/1444214086451990538?s=19

With only 29 days left for local government elections to take place, political parties are trying their best to lure as many voters as possible so as to have a winning advantage in the ballot box.

The only problem is that politicians make huge promises before the elections, but once everything has been done and dusted they will be nowhere to be found.

The red berets who are confident that this time around they will win a sizeable number of wards and municipalities are promising to provide better services.

EFF leader Julius Malema has also warned the party's councillor candidates in the Vhembe district in Limpopo province that they must treat communities they represent with respect.

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