20 Years After She Gave Birth To Triplet, This Nollywood Actress Still Looks Gorgeous (Photos)


Omoni Oboli is a name known to many Nigerians with the Nigerian entertainment industry (especially Nollywood).

On stage, she always plays the role of a cute middle-aged woman, but few of the avid audience can know anything about her personal history, including the fact that she married at a relatively young age and also gave birth to triplets of three sons. -Beautiful boy.

This article is meant to tell her story and share some of her most recent photos that may hide the fact that she is old and has three grown sons at home. Indeed the photos can be deceiving.

It is rumored that the young and handsome Omoni Oboli married Nnamdi Oboli at a relatively young age. She was only 21 years old when she married with a beating heart as a student at the University of Benin.

According to a post Omoni made while celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary, she revealed that everyone, including her father, feels too young to marry.

She even admits that they may be right, because he was able to make what he called the "biggest mistake" of his life by getting married at school at that age. However, she is fortunate to have a husband like Namdi, for whom she received many awards.

Omoni is also the mother of triplets because her sons Gozi, Chizi and Tobe are a blessing from her marriage to Namdi.

They have grown up to be young men now, but we wanted him to show you some photos of Omoni and her son when they were little. Check out some of the photos below.

20 years later, even though she is only 42 years old, Omoni Oboli still looks as beautiful as ever. Some may even argue that it looks a lot better than it was years ago.

Apparently she still maintains a pointed shape and a flat stomach, even though she is over 40 years old. This is a great achievement because she is an actress and producer and may have little or no time to practice.

Check out more of her beautiful photos below.

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