UDA Candidate In Kiambaa Prove Jubilee Bloggers Wrong After Doing This


UDA candidate Njuguna wa Wanjiku (photo courtesy)

On the eve to Kiambaa constituency by elections, pro Jubilee bloggers Pauline Njoroge and Wahome Thuku made claims that UDA candidate Njuguna wa Wanjiku will not be voting in Kiambaa despite for the seat, Wahome Thuku claimed that Njuguna was a registered voter in neighboring Limuru ward therefore and his name was not in Kiambaa ward voters list.

To Support his allegations, Wahome Thuku who is a lawyer by profession said that the constitution required one to be a registered voter to vie for any position and the geographical location of where one registered as a voter does not matter, and this was applicable to Njuguna wa Wanjiku according to Thuku as he was only required to be a registered voter but where he registered does not matter.

Earlier in the morning of polling date, Njuguna wa Wanjiku arrived at Thimbigua primary school Polling station to cast his vote, this proved wrong bloggers whom had earlier said that he was not going to vote. Njuguna wa Wanjiku voting (photo courtesy)

Jubilee candidate Kariri Njama and UDA candidate Njuguna wa Wanjiku are the front runners in the race to succeed late member of parliament Paul Koinange, who died this year.

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