Rayvanny’s Baby Mother Fahyma Blasts a Fan for an Insensitive Comment on Instagram

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Fahyma, alias Fahvanny, the baby mother and ex-girlfriend of Tanzanian singer Rayvanny recently slammed a fan for an insensitive comment on Instagram. Fahyma did this after a fan left an unpleasant comment on her page under a post that Fahyma had shared. In the comment, the fan told Fahyma that a Tanzanian blogger called Mange reported that Fahyma was seeking medical help from several hospitals in Tanzania to get pregnant. 

The fan also told Fahyma that she was beautiful and advised her not to let Rayvanny confuse her. A fan wrote, “Mange eti unatafuta mimba hadi hospital zote za Dar umezijuwa. Fahyma nakupenda ujuwe na wewe mzuri ila ray usimnganganiye”The comment upset Fahyma, and she quickly responded, saying she has no business seeking medical help because she is not pregnant. She added that she could get pregnant at any time if she wanted. 

“sasa nitafute mimba kwani mimi mgumba? Mayai yote hayo niliyo nayo adi mengine nataka kugawa nikitaka kuzaa ata kesho nazaa” said Fahyma. 

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