4 Top Footballers That Served Their Country As Military Men In The Past (Photos)

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1. Fabio Cannavaro

Fabio is a retired footballer and a current manager. Back in the days, the Italian played as a Center back and was very magnificent.

His ball control ability was top-notch, he made appearances for Juventus, Parma, and Real Madrid. He was also a part of the Italian team that won the FIFA world cup in 2006. He is presently in charge of the China national team.

Years ago, it was a compulsory task for each Italian citizen to serve in the Army. So Cannavaro was enlisted. He faced obstacles, but he did a good job juggling his football career with his military service.

2. Eric Cantona

The Manchester United legend, who is now an actor is also on this list. Back in the day, he was an amazing Forwarder. His crosses, passing, and finishes were awesome.

Eric served in the French military in this youths, and also did well in it.

3. Son Heung-Min

One of the best Asian footballers of all time; Son Heung-Min is also on this list. The South Korean forwarder has been playing for Tottenham since 2015 and has been sensational.

His unique pace, and dribbling abilities, have taken Hotspur's performance to the roofs.

Son has also served in the military, though he is the captain of the North Korean national team, the government just wanted it to be fair, so he let the Tottenham star take 3 weeks of army serving time, instead of the full 18 months others take.

4. Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah can be said to be the best player in the world right now, the Egyptian star has not failed to take Liverpool's performance to the skies.

It is always magical to watch Salah on the pitch, his ball control and dribbling skill are insane. Salah is well known for the Camouflaged uniform, he has also got a taste of serving his country in the military.

He also struggled to balance his football career with his military service in the past. Back when he was at Chelsea, he left for home and complete his military obligations.

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