USSD: Banks Disconnect MTN From Bankign Channels


It is no more news that most BVN Holders use MTN.

Commercial Banks have recently disconnected MTN customers from banking channels. The disconnection of MTN users from banking channels has led to various reactions from bank customers who use MTN.

BVN Holders who use MTN should take note of this announcement concerning the disconnection of MTN customers.

Commercial banks have disconnected MTN customers from banking channels including the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and banking apps.

MTN customers complained on Friday about being unable to recharge their MTN lines using USSD and other banking channels like the bank apps.

Customers were also unable to do banking transactions on MTN lines through USSD.

MTN users who have any clarification to make should visit their bank immediately.

Note: Ignore any call from any unknown number calling in the name of your bank. MTN customers should visit their banks if they need any information they wish to know.

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