A Powerful Prayer For The New Month To Ask God To Walk With You, Unlock New Blessings In Your Life

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Since the year started you have been through alot and you have encountered alot in life. For all the last eleven months you have struggling to make ends meet and now you are in the last one month to end the year and I feel we should be greaful by giving thanks to the almighty.

Many have been sick others have have died but you are well, where should you just say this short prayer to thank him for his greatness and give a thanks to the king who always watches over you without failure.

If you feel thankful and great then let's pray, Thank you father for everything, the gift of life since the year started up to now only one month remaining to end the year. And so grateful for your love over me and over my friends, relatives and enemies.

Father above, nothing is impossible before you and all happens in your glory. We thank you for the care, for the unconditional love you have for us. First of all we ask for our forgiveness that we have done against your word and your will how I pray that you forgive each and everyone so that as we start the new month you unlock our blessings and set us free.

Your son Jesus came to rescue us and we are grateful because we can't do without you God. As we start a new month I pray that you see us through, we need your new blessings, we need you to walk with us in everything that we do.

As we start a new month we pray for your presence, walk with us do not leave us alone since you are our protector. We need you in every situation. Bless the work of our hands and please God unlock our new blessings so that we can see your hand over our life's.

I pray this in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

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