Mnakwethu: MaMthombeni Would've Bewitched MaKhumalo By Now If It Wasn't For This

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A lot happens in a polygamous marriage and one thing that has always threatened the marriage is the feud that is always there between the wives.

Somehow, they just do not get along and even though it is not a surprise, one would expect them to be a generation that understands what they can benefit by showing love to one another.

But then again, this might be too much ask, especially to someone like MaMthombeni who is hothead, she seems like the type that does not tolerate nonsense.

But, they made this a war when it is really meant to be a peaceful union where three people love each other. At the end of the day, everyone is in the marriage because they want to, so it should not seem like Thembelani is the one who is fueling everything up.

He is definitely the reason why there are some problems, but we know that his intention has to be to make his wives happy. If he fails to do that, then it means that he still has a long way to go as far as polygamy is concerned and he would just have to go back to the drawing board.

Now, there has been a discussion on social media in the past week or so about why women should never use panties to mark their territory. It seems like MaKhumalo is not informed when it comes to this because that is what she did, but these are things that she should know because polygamous marriages are never easy.

Now, some people mentioned that if MaMthombeni was really evil, she would have used the panties to tie up MaKhumalo's womb, this way she would not be able have children.

These are things that women should be aware of, it is not worth it to be in a marriage where your life is threatened because tying up someone's womb is like ending that person's life. We know that it is necessary for a woman in a polygamous marriage to have children, so MaKhumalo should be careful next time.

And this goes back to the previous point that was made, Thembelani has a duty as a man to ensure that the two women he brought together are able to live peacefully.

As a man, getting yourself in a situation where you would be a referee in your marriage is just not it and there will probably come a time when Thembelani sits with his wives and talk about the importance of unity.

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