Have You Seen Kumawood Actress Kyeiwaa Of Late ? Checkout Her Beautiful Pictures


Rose Akua Attaa Mensah deserves to be acclaim and honour for her victorious career in the movie industry. Such great talent is hard to find. Her zestful energy allowed her to capture millions of hearts of Ghanaians. She was named one of the foremost actresses in the country so many times and won several awards. A number of leading actresses couldn’t stand her talent in the industry. Kyeiwaa has been in the industry for 2 decades, she has also been seen on screen with many premier actors and actresses. She was a real success to the Kumawood movie industry.

Ghanaians are indebted to the beautiful Kumawood actress she was the key to our happiness. Kyeiwaa has portrayed a lot of characters in movies but Ghanaian love to watch her a witch since that was the beginning of her victorious career in the industry. She became the most famous actress in 2015 and won several awards. She has knack for acting and she started with the late Santo and many old great actors. She is a dynamic comedian in the country. The actress is now married and living in America with her husband Nana Kissi Asare Michael.

Below are some stunning pictures from Kyeiwaa’s timeline;

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