South African Waterkloof Airforce base is currently on fire

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South Africa has being battling with suspicious fires in the national key points since 2021 , no one has ever been held accountable for this fires which come with a huge damage on the infrastructure .

Fires in the national key points started in the July unrest when Former president Jacob Zuma was arrested . Many buildings were set a alights in Kwazulu-Natal and some other parts of Gauteng .


Many trucks in the National road leading to KwaZulu-Natal were set alight also and the South African industries which produces many needed things were destroyed.

Just days after entering the new year we were informed that the National Assembly was in fire . As a country we watched the National Assembly which carries much history of our country being in fire also .

Today there is a reporting that the Waterkloof Airforce base which is also the National key point is under unknown fire , many South Africans are stressed about this endless fire .

The Former Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela ,said this fires in the national key points are of grave concern to the sovereignty of the country .

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