Video: Driver Fights Police Officer For 'Unlawfull' Arrest


Ghanaians may have to judge this situation and tell who must be penalized. But you may have to read about what happened first. A video shared on social media tells of a serious confrontation between a Bolt driver and an officer of the Motor, Traffic and Transport Department of the Ghana Police Service in Accra.


The driver was allegedly stopped by this officer [who is yet to be identified] for checks. The driver who felt confident of not being liable for an offense confronted the Police officer who had bothered the car while he takes a passenger to her destination.


As things get nasty between the two, the passenger took a video recording of them hoping to share for the public to judge the situation. From a comment the driver made, it was obvious the Police officer had threatened an arrest on him for something he might have done wrongly.


But the driver replied forcibly, daring the police to cause his arrest.


“You can take me anywhere. I am not going back,” the driver is heard saying as they fight in the car.

The car was moving and passenger was scared they will end up in an accident but the officer wasn’t perturbed by he cries. The driver nearly run into a vehicle in the process.


“You were lucky…we could have run into another vehicle,” he told the MTTD Officer but the officer retorted that “but you are the one driving.” To him, it is the driver that will be held responsible for anything bad that happens as a result of the confrontation.


Suddenly, the officer removed the car key and attempted to bolt from the car but the driver was quick to arrest his movement. He charged at him to retrieve the keys saying; “give me my key. Massa give me my keys. How can you take my keys from me?”


But the officer never obliged. It is not established what had become of the driver or the officer. But I will suggest you watch the video below and form your own judgement. Perhaps you can tell who must be faulted for being unprofessional- the police or the driver?