Details Finally Leaks Out In Uhuru After Martha Karua Message Concerning On the Campaign Trail

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On the other side of the campaign, Uhuru Kenyatta's colleagues fail to close the narrative about the president. Martha seemed to avoid mentioning Uhuru in the region during her Mountain campaign. 

Uhuru is now looking for a safe haven in order to close his government bed. "Martha Ahepa Uhuru Milimani," says the country. This indicates that selling the region's head of state is equivalent to selling pork to Muslims. Since the handshake began, the moderator has been issued an internal response to internet users.

When the time came, the head of state organized a campaign, but his authorities say Uhuru distanced himself from the Azimio king to avoid riots in the region. Uhuru is unable to join the Azimio caravan, according to sources imprisoned by the head of state, because his view on the ground is unfriendly and he wishes to prevent embarrassment.

Martha Karua now avoids using the term Uhuru because she is afraid of being blamed by the president. He is now avoiding using the moniker Uhuru in his campaigning at all costs. Uhuru remained mute as well, owing to his inability to participate in the campaigns due to inflation. The cost of basic necessities is rising, which concerns the president and the vision he will receive from Netizens.

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