Two Girls' Painful Experience After Their Father Did Unthinkable Act


The world has witnessed a lot of social evils. Most of the victims are undergoing mental illines due to family and economical challenges. Covid 19 pandemic has accelerated the problem. However, some of the social evils that are being experienced are being caused by those people who are abusing drugs. This has led to raping and physical confrontation among the people in the society.

A man who was accused of defiling his four and six year old daughters has been arrested. Luka Rutto who is 49 years old was arrested on yesterday."Rutto is believed to have committed the heinous act while living alone with the minors, after separating with their mother," DCI director George Kinoti said on Friday.

It was reported that the two young girls were going through difficulties in walking. They were constantly crying because of pain inflicted by the act."The minor experienced difficulties in walking and was often crying," Kinoti said.

All people should rise up and protect the innocent and most vulnerable people in the society. This require all stakeholders to cooperate and work together as a team.