ODM Ally Praises Mohammed Following His Appointment As UDA Communication Director, Passes Message

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Orange Democratic Movement top ally, Hon Mohammed Alinur, has praised former Citizen TV presenter, Hussein Mohammed, following his appointment as head of communication ahead of the coming general election.

Taking to his social media accounts, Hon Alinur claimed that nothing is impossible and it's good to clap for others when it's their turn to succeed saying when they will clap for you when it's your time and that's why he has decided to praise Mohammed Hussein following his new role in United Democratic Alliance party.

" Hussein Mohammed, nothing is impossible," said Hon Hussein Alinur. "Clap for others when it's your turn. Your time is coming, they will also clap for you" he added.

It's remembered that last year, Hon Alinur held a consultative meeting with Ruto and it was believed that he was heading to Tangatanga but he didn't.

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