A Suprising Incident As A 19 Year Old Woman Gives Birth To Co-joined Twins

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It is always the joy of every expectant mother to get a normal child after the labour periods.

Many always have different expectations on who to get in terms of gender and even multiple births.

A 19 year old woman gives birth to twins who are co-joined at Lenmek Hospital in Kisii.

Doctors suspect that the twins share vital organs for they are joined from the chest region to the abdominal area.

The lady just had normal labour pains and was rushed to Ogembo level 5 hospital and afterwards had a referral to Lemnek in Kisii.

Doctor Evans Ondema says the organs are sound though they require referral to an advanced health facility for separation.

The mother Lilian Moraa was surprised with the results of her pregnancy.The twins are both girls who are beautiful angels.

She lives in Kiongongi area in Bobasi Kisii County. We really hope and pray that her daughters will have a successful separation and come out as conquerors.

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