Neymar wants to return to Barcelona this summer


According to reports from Spain, Neymar has halted his contract talks with PSG and wishes to comeback to the Camp nou, because it's no longer looking like Leo Messi would leave Barca for PSG this summer.

🚨🚨[ @xavi__hdez🥇] | Neymar suspends contract renewal in PSG because he knows Messi will not leave Barça and he wants to return to Barcelona. The Brazilian has contacted Laporta’s new management.

🚨 Neymar, whose contract expires on June 30, 2022 with PSG, has stopped his renewal with the French club because it is no longer so clear that Messi will leave Barça this summer to go and play at PSG (via @xavi__hdez)

🗣 [@gerardromero] | The best thing about the Neymar news is that he is sure that Messi wants to stay at Barça.

Forget the whole Neymar transfer saga. What this just highlights is the fact that Neymar left Barca to get out of Messi's shadows, and now is desperate to be by his side again. This is the second time he's begging to come back to this club. When you leave Barcelona, it is always worse!

It's not likely that Barcelona would bring the Brazilian back to the Camp nou. They have already pursued other options, one being Erling Halaand.


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