"Setting the Bar Too High "- Kenyans React to Sprinter Omanyala's Workout Photos With His Girlfriend

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Ferdinand Omanyala Omurwa is a celebrated sprinter in Kenya. He specializes mostly in the 100m and 200m races and he made a breakthrough record in Africa and emerged the 8th fastest man of all time in the 100 metres. This comes a time when he clocked 9.77 seconds on September 18, 2021 at the Kip Keino Classic event in Nairobi Kenya.


During an exclusive interview organized by a local betting company, Omanyala revealed how he was broke and his girlfriend has been his close partner as she helped him in paying their rent and settle their bills. After making it to the limelight and awarded a brand new car and undisclosed amount of money, Omanyala has pointed out that he is ready to support his girlfriend and make her life better with anything she needs.

Photos of Omanyala and his girlfriend have surfaced online attracting various reactions from Kenyans. Omanyala seems to be very flexible enough in his workout as he lifts his girlfriend and kid at the same time. Kenyans have been wowed by the good chemistry that the two lovebirds have towards each other even during their training.

Kenyans on social media have admired the couples having some best moment of their training together hence highlighting that size matter for two love birds to enjoy some exercises together.

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