Signs That You Are In A Cult And Not A Church!


Today being a Sunday, am sure majority of us have been spiritually nourished after attending church services in different denominations across the nation. But in recent days Kenyans have been treated to radical teachings from preachers who do not transcribe to the bible and logic. But how can one identify if they are in a revered church or a cult? Below are some few ways of identifying:

Opposed to Critical thinking which is key for every church

Once you notice that you religion does not subscribe to critical thinking, then know that you might be in a cult and not a church

Emphasizing Doctrines that are outside the bible

For Christians the bible is the reference point for every teaching. Once this is thrown outside the window then question the said church.

Disregard to Family Unit

The family is a holy unit that was given to man by God. A church should always subscribe to the family.

Crossing Biblical boundaries on matters sexuality

Sex is pure and regarded as holy. If your church does not hold this thought then you are in the wrong place.