DP Ruto Will Win The 2022 Presidential Elections ( Opinion)


The deputy President William Ruto may win the next presidential election in 2022. This is because he is currenetly enjoying a good number of supporters from various parts of this country.

The deputy President is facing a lot of opposition from many other political leaders in this country. It seems He is in a 'political siege' All other top leaders has ganged against him to ensure he will not win the next general elections. This can however give the DP a golden chance to rise to power in 2022. This is because Ruto may get sympathy votes from some of the followers of his opponents. His humiliation can cost his opponents so much as some of the followers of Raila and other leaders who are against Ruto may sympathize with Ruto because of the political siege he has been put in.

Another reason why Ruto may win the next presidential seat is because of his Hustler Movement he created. The hustler narrative has attracted a considerably good number of supporters for William Ruto.

Majority of the supporters which this Hustler narrative has attracted are youths whom DP promises to ensure they get jobs once he is elected as the next President. The DP always uses this narrative to lure youths into voting for him by also promising to end their poverty and bring resources to them once elected as the next President of the Republic of kenya.

In my own opinion, i think the deputy president William Ruto have a better chance to ascend to the throne than other leaders due to the large number followers he has.

He will also gain more popularity as his opponents continue to demean him. What is your thoughts? Will Ruto ascend to the throne in 2022? Follow me to get other discussion in politics. Thank you.

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