''One Day We'll Not Get Any Job To Do OO''~ Student Cries Out As Teachers Do Not Come To School.


Even fourth-grade students are becoming increasingly aware of the current youth rebellion. Many people have been moved by a video of a young girl, possibly 9 years old. When teachers went on strike for a lengthy time, the student addressed her concerns.

"The teachers are all gone, and we are not doing anything, all we are doing is fooling," the small girl firmly remarked to the Joynews interviewer in the video.''One day one day, we will not get any work to do, oo". She ended.

She may be a child, but she has already predicted what the future will be like. She understands that if they are denied good education from the foundation, finding a job in the near future without a legitimate degree will be extremely difficult, as she has witnessed with others she like in society.

Other students were busy roaming and throwing books around to confirm that, yes, the teachers were all gone and the least they could do was fool around until school hours were ended while she was busy expressing her thoughts.

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