Opinion: Mane Should Apologize to Klopp Publicly, After His Disrespectful Behavior Towards the Coach


Full time: Man Utd 2-4 Liverpool. A massive shot in the arm for the Reds' top-four hopes. Liverpool's best performance of the season by some distance.

Huge 3 points in liverpool's most difficult game, coming closer to a top 4 spot! Firmino getting 2 goals is brilliant hopefully this continues. Trent Alexander Arnold is simply phenomenal, world class fullback, exquisite passing! No one comes close! 3 wins to go.

However viral video online Sadio Mane refused to shake the manager’s hand after tonight’s win at Manchester United. After the final Whistle, Mane appeared to shun Klopp as manager was seeking out the for a routine handshake.

The reason Mane refused to shake Klopp’s hand at the end of the game was because he started Jota over him...Jota not only justified his start but Mane has been playing like Milan Jovanovic for 90% of the season.

In my opinion Sadio Mane needs to apologize to the manager publicly for his disrespectful behavior, He can be angry that he didn’t start yes, but he needs to show respect to his boss. That’s poor from Manè. Not the first time too, childish and stupid behavior.

If Mane did ignore Klopp on purpose, he should stay dropped for the rest of the season. I get you’re angry you didn’t start, but liverpool won the game that could be crucial to Top 4 hopes and your replacement scored. It’s a team game, get over yourself.

Mane needs to understand that his lack of respect for the manager is not the best way to deal with his anger right in front of the camera. He has shown that he is just concerned about himself and not the team.

Watch video here : https://twitter.com/footballdaily/status/1392958740291272705?s=19

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