The icon sting makes stunning remarks about Jesus

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It's sting it's sting, this was what Tony Schiavone always said on nitro during the Monday night wars on TNT, today in AEW Tony Schiavone still screams sting. Sting is one of the all time best pro wrestlers of all time. He was the John Cena of WCW, the ultimate face of the company whom the fans would cheer no matter whom he was facing, every wrestler that faces sting in a match momentarily becomes a heel because of how the WCW fans loved their hero, Diamond Dallas Page is a testament to that. In 1996, sting made his return to wcw after a year out because of injury, he changed his character to the one which we are use to today, after his turn, the rest became history.

Sting's character coupled with that of the deadman are the best wrestling characters in Wrestling history.

We know sting when he puts on his face paint and wear his trench coat and begins to perform, but we don't know much about him outside the ring, many people can't even recognize him if he cleans up his face paint. Outside the ring Sting's Real name is Steve Borden he was born in 1959. He is a great man, he is married with adult kids. But let's see what the icon had to say about his person life as it concerns Jesus.


The man behind the mask confessed his belief and faith in Jesus the son of God. Below is what sting had to say when he was interviewed and asked about his personal life.

It's a bit surprising based on how exposed he was.

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