How Man U Coach Ruined His Chances Of Winning The 1st Champions League Match Of The Season

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Manchester United Manager, Ole Gunnar Solkjaer would have been celebrating by now if not for his tactical errors and managerial deficiency that cost him the first leg of UEFA champions league match against the Young Boys.

Solkjaer had everything to win the match which would have made the second leg a walkover for him in Old Trafford but he chose to adopt a tactic that terribly ruined his chances.

Man United dominated the match from the blast of the whistle and made the Young Boys truly looked young on the pitch with their display of skills, experience and professionalism. Within the 18 minutes of play, they have already got the first goal after their new signing, Cristiano Ronaldo converted a cross from Bruno Fernandes that gave them the lead.

This was expected to have opened the floodgates of goals for the Red Devils but before long, the goal was canceled and Man U was brought back to base. With Wan Bisaka already out of the game following a rough tackle on his opponent, Solkjaer soon embarked on a journey to nowhere.

Initially, the question of how Jadon Sanchos made the squad still remained unanswered with his terrible performances, the presence of Paul Pogba on the pitch further made the situation more complicated for the entire team.

At 50 minutes of play, Solkjaer was already defending a lone goal which made the pressure more pronounced on Man U. After the equalizing goal was conceded, one would have expected the coach to instruct his boys to take the battle to the opponent and play the normal attacking football which Man U is known for. But he continued to defend the 1-1 draw.

Apparently, Solkjaer was desperate to escape the roaring Young Boys with the scoreline and probably planned to finish the job at the Old Trafford. But he was wrong. The Young Boys meant business and were ready to scuttle his plans.

As Solkjaer continued his defensive game, they were pushing his boys deep into their 18 yards. Only Ronaldo was left in the front and each time he had his foot on the ball, there was nothing he could do all alone. Eventually, Ronaldo was hauled off the pitch out of frustration. Removing Ronaldo for Jesse Lingard became a monumental error that will hunt Solkjaer for life.

Similarly, he substituted Bruno Fernandes for Nemanja Vidick which also put a question mark on his tactics as a coach. Fernandes and Ronaldo were the two outstanding players who held the midfield and the attack together. The moment they were out, every department of the team collapsed.

As a matter of fact, Man U squad were completely in disarray. There was no playmaker, no one to lead the way out of wilderness they suddenly found themselves with the exit of CR7 and Fernandes. Pogba was confused and stripped naked of his skills by the Young Boys.

Eventually, the same substitute Solkjaer made was what killed the match for him. He would have still managed to escape with the draw if he had not made a terrible substitute. Jesse Lingard came from the bench and helped the opponent perfect their winning goal at the last minute of extra time.

If Solkjaer really wanted to return to Old Trafford with a 1-1 draw, one would have expected him to fortify his defence line by bringing in more defenders. But he chose to bring in attackers to play a defensive game. This was the tactics adopted by Solkjaer that eventually ruined the match for Manchester United.

It is hoped he learn his lesson ahead of the second leg.

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