Update on Laziswe's mental health journey.

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OFFICIAL STATEMENT: I would like to put some clarity… ❤️ IM BACK🙏. This was the statement said by Laziswe on his mental health journey.

When you said , this is not something that comes and goes, it is stuck with you, I felt it. But we keep pushing .Well done. It's never an easy step. I'm glad you doing so much better .Let the haters hate, just always remember you are loved , just the way you are my darling never stop fighting. We all got our problems but together we will over come. Stay strong an stay safe sweetheart.

I respect you so much for being so brave to speak out about your journey. It does stick with you it's true. But we push through because going through a phase of mental illness does not define us.

I am happy you back, fresh and ready to work. Thank you for the update and the awareness of mental heal issues. We appreciate you.

Be an ambassador the world needs people like you who opens up to encourage others going through.

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