Lady Reveals How Beautiful Her Marriage Is After Her Husband Made A Few Edits On Her Short Essay


Marriage is beautiful only when you are with the right person. You can only enjoy your marriage when you marry your best friend; someone who will be able to correct you when you make a mistake, someone you will be able to play with, someone who knows how to put a smile on your face even in your worst times, someone who will not make you look worthless.

Those who have beautiful marriages are able to do so because they have accepted each other's imperfections. Sometimes, they do have conflicts but the ability to settle such conflicts has really made them stronger.

A doctor identified as Dr. Chioma Nwakanma has made a tweet to reveal how beautiful her marriage is after her husband made a few edits on her short essay.

According to the tweet, Dr. Chioma wrote a short essay and sent it to her husband to review it because she wasn't confident about it.

Her husband in response, told her that her essay was very impressive and that he has made a few edits to communicate her thought well.

Tears ran out of Dr. Chioma Nwakanma's eyes as she saw her husband's copy of the essay.

She is grateful to him and she is also happy she married rightly.

Below is a screenshot of her tweet:

Her husband replied to the tweet by saying that he just added fluent and prolific writer to his resume.

Below is a screenshot of his reply and what Dr. Chioma said afterwards:

Below are screenshots of some of the tweets made in reply to Dr. Chioma's tweet:

Source: Twitter


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