Checkout Hidden Apps For Your Phone You Never Knew About


Apps are mobile applications, they are computer programs or software applications designed to run on a mobile device such as smartphones, tablets or your Smart watch. Apps are used to run different programs on your phones for different purposes. Apps can be gotten from the Google Playstore for android users, and the AppStore for iPhone users. Apps helps to accomplish day to day tasks in order to reduce stress for it's users.

They are quite essential for running important activities in our day to day life. Here are some important apps you didn't know about and are quite impressive, and a must have for your mobile phone.

1) Evernote

This app lets you scribble memos, schedules, random thoughts and anything you want to note down in digital form.

2) Fing

With this app, you can find out who is using your wifi. You can even get the device's ip address.

3) Friendspire

If you are a movie lover like me, this is the app for you. With this app you can search for your favorite movies, series and even books.

4) Ifttt

With this app you can create conditions in which you can trigger different events. For example you can make your phone ring when the battery is completely charged. It has other cool features too.

5) Dubox Storage

This app offers you 1 Terabyte of free storage. This app will solve your storage problems.

6) Socratic

This app is amazing, and its mainly for the students as it provides step by step solutions for your math problems. All you need to do is take a picture of your math sum with the app and it provides you with the solution. It even works on other subjects like physics, chemistry etc.

These are some essential apps with amazing cool features to help ease you through your day. Kindly share, comment below and don't forget to follow. Thanks for reading.