Possible Four (4) Reasons for the increase in the number of single women

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 The number of single women is increasing day by day. You can find a very beautiful girl on the street, but no man shows interest in her. 


 The following reasons have contributed to the majority of women being single indefinitely. 


 Nowadays women are more attracted to men with money, they believe that money can solve all of their problems, money has been their main factor in partner choice, you can find a woman with three or more friends who think these men are their problems Little did she know that they are exposing themselves to dangers that will later cost them. If these men find out she is cheating on them, the best option is to quit smoking. Nobody likes parasites; one that is completely dependent on someone's providence. 

 Drug Use 

 Essentially, drugs have destroyed several families. Nobody likes a drug addict in their home. Men would rather be single than have a relationship with a woman who drinks. They are so wasteful and risky. Imagine your girlfriend in the clubs at night! This poses a great danger to your family if you marry this wicked woman.

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Gender-based violence.

The gruesome pictures and news we hear every day on radio stations and television sets is another reason why some ladies choose to be single. Some have run away from toxic relationships and they deserve a round of applause. No one is forced to be in an abusive relationship. Please bear in mind that an abuser will never change.


Unlike before, women of today are well educated and don't need a man to depend on. Independence is the order of the day and this remains one of the biggest reasons why most women choose to stay single.

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Tough economic condition

The cost of living is too high and some ladies feel it a necessity to at least give their boyfriend a space while they are still hustling. This can't be termed a divorce, but rather a 'space break'.

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