Chinenye Ubah the New Rising Star in the Nollywood Industry

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Beautiful Chinenye Ubah is one of the new upcoming stars in Nollywood.

Some people think it's her colour that puts her on the spot and role play. But indeed that isn't true as the Nollywood Industry is aware of her talents to take on any role.

She is talented at delivering romantic city girl and princes roles and others.

After she was seen in the movie 'Akweke' from her performance in this movie she became very popular and fell under the spotlight.

She has acted so many movies like Royal Advantage, Yahoo King, Gallant Babes, Voice of a Mother, Living Nightmare, World of inborn List, Save the baby.

Here are other photos of her

Help appreciate and encourage our new rising Star Chinenye Ubah and other rising Stars like her to show them that they are loved. And to the Nollywood Industry for continuing discovering new characters.

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