Fans insulted Syacela and his soon-to-be wife after they shared a stunning photo on social media.

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Siyacela Dlamuka rose to undeniable quality after his appearance on the Isencane Lengane unscripted TV show Moja Love, which broadcast on Channel 157.

Right when he decided to marry at 16 years of age, he surprised numerous people. His father supported to his requesting and agreed to pay downwary for him since he had done in like manner for his more prepared kin. The show has gotten the interest of innumerable people, and it has attracted a tremendous number of watchers since it is the most hypnotizing show, leaving watchers thinking about what will happen in the accompanying episode.

Yet again siyacela Dlamuka had been hitched to Thando Dlamuka for a year and a while, and things between them were going brilliantly until Syacela presumed that he expected to marry, which he did later.

Fans insulted Syacela and his planned companion after they shared an amazing photo through web-based media.

That is where things started to get much harder among him and his life partner Thando,he was finished having energy for his significant other yet contributing extra time with the current darling

Syacela's lead left many divided for specific watchers wishing Thando to leave her soul mate because they felt that she was in a hurtful relationship and she was being managed like a slave.Even anyway Thando saw what his significant other was doing ,she was left with no choice aside from to stay in her marriage.

Today Siyacela and her new darling Manto posted a superb pictures of themselves, they looked extraordinary together, notwithstanding the way that some spot not fulfilled to see them together yet they couldn't hold themselves by critizing and culpable their relationship.

In view of the treatment Syacela gave his folks in law it made people not to like him, since he broadened no respect using any and all means towards more established people and there was nothing but bad thing arising out of Syacela's mount, which is the explanation people would prefer to stay away from him. events/1182124735584142/permalink/1360926357703978/?app=fbl

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