"Don't You Miss Goodluck Jonathan?" - Reno Omokri Throws Vital Question To Nigerians


Former President Good luck Jonathan's Aide, Reno Omokri has thrown a very vital question to nigerians. He made this known in a post which he shared on Facebook. First, he reminded nigerians about how the county was in 2015, before the former president left the presidential office. According to him, the country was a lot more better when president Jonathan was in office because a lot of present happenings were not in existence then. He made reference to the fact that the prices of certain commodities have hiked up and the reoccurring attacks of bandits were not too frequent during the former president's regime.

He said: "In 2015, A 50kg bag of rice was 8000 naira, a bottle of coke was 60 Naira, a bag of cement was 800 Naira, Fuel was 87 Naira per litre, electricity tarrif was half the current rate, banditry was non existent in the northwest. Don't you miss Good luck Jonathan? "

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