Drumbeats OF BBI! Raila Joins Traditional Dancers For A Jig As He Drums Support For BBI


Former prime minister Raila Odinga is traversing the coastal region with the aim of popularising the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) initiative. Raila who is one of the BBI principals, has urged residents of Kilifi, Taita Taveta and it's environs to support the ammendment bill so as to reap the benefits it brings.

During one of his events in the region the ODM party leader joined traditional dancers on the grounds where he played the drums as he danced off. His ODM team took to their social media platforms to post the events as they unfolded during the day.

DRUMBEATS OF BBI... PL @RailaOdinga joined the Mwakinyungu traditional dancers for a jig... he literally drummed up the support for the BBI, and the people were Happy. The statement read.

Raila asked the residents to pass the bill once parliament and the Senate are done with the bill. He said reggae was going to continue despite the bumbe they we're facing. He said BBI will erase the burden of economic hurdles the country is facing currently.

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