Can You Believe This Is A Funeral? See The Strange Funeral Concept That Has Got People Talking

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This Strange Funeral Concept has got lots of people talking on Twitter,some said it's a Puerto Rican culture were they keep the dead sitted or standing prior to proper funeral.

This is really strange because what if the body falls or something?

Won't people around be scared? Especially children?

The pictures below contains dead people who are placed in a position of things they loved doing when they were alive

I think this guy loved playing games alot and the other guy below loved gambling before he died.

Lol,imagine having this strange culture around the world ,How will you feel if you are invited for a funeral and the body is placed on a chair or kept standing?

Will you be comfortable?

Share your opinion on this kind of funeral arrangement.

Do you think the dead will actually be happy about this?

What if it's a child that does?

What parents would want to publicize the dead body of their kids to the public.

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