Big Teams That Might Miss UEFA Champions League Next Season


Champions league is the most valuable football league in the world. Every team in the European region fight to be among the top four teams in order to qualify. UEFA picks every top four football teams from every league in the European region.

Some of the major leagues in which the teams are picked include Premier league, Serie A, Laliga, Bundesliga, League One and others.

The teams which have never missed the competition recently include Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Manchester city ,Paris St Germain and others. However there are some of the big teams that may not be playing the league next season . Among them is Liverpool and Juventus.

The two teams have struggled this season and Liverpool together with Juventus are both positions 5 in their respective leagues. However, for both teams things might be overturned after the last games are played. Here are the league tables for both teams.

Premier league Table.

Serie A Table